The INS-8624P managed industrial switch is a Power Source Equipment (PSE) device engineered with rugged hardware to meet the high reliability requirements of Industrial or Outdoor PoE applications.Built in a well-protected IP-30 aluminium housing, the switch withstands wide operatingtempera-tures ranging from -40°C to 75°C and operates consistently even in harsh industrial environments. The INS-8624P supports QoS, IGMP snooping, SFP DDMI, PoE and other device management features to fulfil the needs of high performance managed Industrial networks.

PoE+ functionon 4-10/100/1000 copper ports of the INS-8624P complies with IEEE 802.3at standards and allows them to supply up to 30W per port for network atached powered devices such as WLAN Access Points, VoIP phones and IP surveillance cameras. Two gigabit fiber slots of the switch can be configured as dual fiber ring ports to quickly recover network failures and provide an easy way to establish redundant gigabit network. Thus, INS-8624P ensures a reliable and highly available managed industrial networks while delivering all the benefits of PoE power.