The NSH-3428P is the new generation of Volktek Managed L2 Gigabit Switch designed for growing demands of popular IP surveillance application swhich is suitable for both small and medium sized businesses such as hotels, offices and business complexes. The switch offers enhanced L2 features with intelligent PoE+ (802.3af/at) for up to 24-ports Gigabit Ethernet and stands for a total power budget 370W or 740W (with optional extended power module). The switch supports up to 4-slots Gigabit SFP for redundant network transmission using either multimode or single mode. The development is explicitly planned for converged networks where power, voice, video, data are all carried on a single network cable.

The NSH-3428P, Managed L2 Switch is obtained to minimize the operational and labour cost as it directly connects with Powered Devices such as IP cameras, VoIP phones and Access Points without using of any intermediate fiber media. By offering optimization for network efficiency, operational cost saving and easy user management, the NSH-3428P allows quick deployment within a friendly enterprise budget with IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet for better power saving consumption. All in one makes NSH-3428P to be an ideal solution for the best combination of functionality,performance and feasibility in appropriate cost saving package.