NETGEAR® continues to lead the networking industry with the ProSAFE® Plus 10-Gigabit Switch (XS708E), the market’s fi rst costefficient 10-gigabit switch. Built for Small and Medium Businesses, the XS708E provides eight 10G connectivity ports at a price that SMB customers can aff ord. With the enormous growth of network traffic and network storage in recent years, many SMBs, like their large Enterprise counterparts, are operating with big data, requiring their network to upgrade to 10G for better network performance and improved business effi ciency. The XS708E is the right solution for this need.

The XS708E consists of eight 10G copper ports and one combo 10G Fiber SFP+ port. With 10GBASE-T support, the XS708E enables a standard RJ45 Ethernet jack and existing Cat6 or 7 network cables to be used, delivering a 10X increase in network performance with minimum network changes and upgrades.

As part of the ProSAFE Plus switch product family, the XS708E provides plug-N-play 10-Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. It also comes with confi gurable L2 network features such as VLAN, QoS, IGMP snooping, port trunking and rate limiting. These features help to further optimize business network performance, delivering great value and empowering the SMB network. The XS708E is ideal for SMBs that require simple, aff ordable 10G connectivity to their 10G-capable servers and storage devices.