Satisfy Both Your Needs in Quantity and Flexibility


Coming with "Piano Varnish" tray design gives GT5630 a distinguishing looks different with the former RAIDON storage. Possessing 4 SATA hard drive tray, supporting JBOD and 4 in 1 port-multiplier functions, the maximum volume is 8TB. A RAID subsystem provided by using RAID card with GT5630 is available as a budget choice for setting up RAID backup storage. Users need not only large capacity but flexible usage will be benefit from GT5630.

Key Features:
  • Support JBOD function
  • Piano Varnish Tray Design
  • Aluminium Case
  • Hot Swappable Tray Module for Easy Installation
  • Notifications of Overheating and Fan Failure through LED and Buzzer
  • Stable power supply
  • Compatible with all Windows, Linux and Mac OS