Keep Data Save 24 Hours Every Day


People who require large data capacity for the workstation to store big files now have better choice. GR5630 provides 6TB (with four 2TB hard drives) large capacity, eSATA and Firewire800 ports with better transfer rate and high level RAID 5 data protection. Given better sequential performance with its built-in oxfordd936QSE chip delivers good reaad/write performance efficency on big files.

Key Features:
  • Accept 4x 3.5" SATA 3.0 GHz hard drives
  • RAID5
  • Hot Swapable Tray Module for Easy Installation
  • Start Auto-rebuilding without any command
  • Compatible with all windows, Linux and Mac OS
  • Notify HD failure, Over Heat and Fan Failure through LED or LCD
  • Three interfaces in one
  • Stable power supply