RAID 0 & RAID 1 Internal Data Storage System


RAIDON Internal RAID solution SR2611-2S-S2+ enables to accommodate 2x 3.5" SATA HDDs, supports RAID 0 & RAID 1 to backup data efficiently and safety. Besides, SR2611-2S-S2+ is equipped with buzzer which monitors system status in anytime, the system gives alarm when HDD failure occurs which is the best data backup solution for SMB and IPC working environment.

  • RAID 0, High Write/Read Performance
RAID 0 (stripping) mode provides efficient performance on write/read data due to the file is divided into two halves and stored on two hard drives seperately.
  • RAID 1, Real-time Backup
Backup data through RAID 1 mirroring function to prevent from hard drive failure.
  • Driver-free, Easy to Manage
No driver required. Easy to manage and monitor in time with LCD display.
  • Hot-Swap (RAID 1)
The failed hard drive can be directly replaced without powering off the system.
  • Large Data Backup (RAID 1)
SR2611-2S-S2+ supports 2TB big capacity hard drive to backup more vital data.
  • Maintain Computer Efficiency (RAID 1)
Backup performance is based on HDD level that will not influence computer efficiency.
  • Alarm System
The system will monitor the hard disk, fan and temperature and gives alarm automatically when there is any HDD failure.